Financial reporting and pay policy challeges

Author: Caroline Newsholme, James Kirk (

Categories: Financial Reporting, Getting advice
Tags: Director pay, Nabarro
Financial reporting of pay is complicated. In this TV show Caroline Newsholme explains why it can be a good idea to seek advice.

Seeking advice on financial reporting

Well a lot of companies will have to think quite hard about how they put their pay policies together. And to get a sense for what is and what isn’t going to be accepted in the marketplace and the degree to which you need to call on external resources to help you in that thought process. I think certainly there will be a good deal of one company looking to see what the others are doing as the new legislation takes effect. I think trying to present, for example, director’s remuneration for one year as one single figure will probably prove quite challenging because, as I have said, it can be made up of many different components. The reporting element of it is still going to present some challenges.   Inside Finance TV will continue to bring you expert perspectives on issues like financial reporting.  
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