Flexible benefits at the heart of recruitment and retention

Author: Ian Luck

Categories: Business Strategy, Employees, Features, Innovation, Share Schemes
Tags: benefits, culture, customer service, recruitment, staff retention, tailored approach
Ian Luck: "What we’re trying to do is actually get something that’s relevant to each and every company.  So there will be a different requirement for each different workforce.  And we try and marry what is available within the marketplace to actually what the company is trying to achieve within its benefits package in the most tax efficient way both for the company and for the employees themselves. Fundamentally it’s about recruitment and retention of the right quality staff.  So nowadays in order to compete within the marketplace you need to be offering a wide range of benefits.  We’re seeing more of those companies look towards flexible benefit arrangements, that’s enabling the employees to choose what’s most appropriate for them rather than being dictated to by the company themselves.  So it still comes back down to fundamentally giving the broadest possible range of benefits to the members, the employees so that they want to come and work for you."
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