Legal sector market climate

Author: Pamela Sayers, James Kirk (

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Legal sector events and surveys are a great way to see how the industry is developing, as Pamela Sayers discusses in his TV show.

Gauging the climate of the legal sector

We do a great deal actually within the professional practices space. Specifically for the legal sector, we run a survey each year, and this year we’ve just completed our 19th survey, and we have over 100 participants to that survey, of which more than a quarter are from the top 100 firms. And we ask a broad range of questions, and that gives us a good indication of what the market is thinking. We also run a series of seminars for newly promoted partners, partners coming to the end of their career, coming up for retirements, and also those midway through their career. We also run a series of dinners for senior partners, managing partners, and finance directors of law firms, and all held within Chatham House rules and actually very popular. We’re holding on this evening in fact. We have ten guests from the top one hundred law firms. _____________________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video about gauging the climate of the legal sector why not watch more TV shows on Inside Finance TV
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