Good governance will help firms survive

Author: James Kirk (, Pamela Sayers

Categories: Governance
Tags: firms, Halliwells, marketplace
Good governance is essential for a well run business. Pamela Sayers explains how ignoring tax changes will bury firms.

Good governance of firms

I think if firms ignore this they’re certainly at risk of managing their own affairs in an effective way, and it does come down to good governance within the firm and well run firm. Those firms that try to sort of generalise and everything may well not survive. We’ve already heard rumours that there are a few firms within the top 100 that are struggling. And everyone was very shocked when we heard about the collapse of Halliwells, and then there was. I think there will be other firms as well perhaps before the end of this year. _____________________________________________________________________ If you found this video about good governance interesting, please browse the rest of the TV shows on Inside Finance TV.
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