Government is helping business innovation skills flourish

Author: Simon La Fosse, James Kirk (

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Business innovation skills need to be harnessed in the right environment. In this TV show Simon La Fosse discusses government helping entrepreneurs grow.

Entrepreneurial business innovation skills are valuable

The heat you see on the west coast of America that is leading to massive salary inflation and people moving all too frequently to try to be able to build these businesses, mean that you’re seeing west coast US businesses saying “We should be setting up in, not setting up a peripheral business in London but maybe we should be setting up in London”.  The same with some of the Nordic countries, so there’s some really exciting stuff happening, that I think has proper momentum and, you know, I’m not a great fan of government intervention, I don’t know whether you call it government intervention or just enabling things to happen, but I think they should be credited with creating an environment that is much more conducive to the growth of entrepreneurialism in a time in our lives which is so exciting, this is, you know, akin to the industrial revolution, it’s just the digital revolution, and I feel lucky to be a part of it and I’m hanging on, I’m trying to keep up with what’s going on.

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