Helping companies not to miss the compliance boat

Author: Julie Mutton, James Kirk (

Categories: Financial Reporting
Tags: FRS 102

My role is as a partner in Smith & Williamson Southampton office.  So I’m involved in corporate audits, other assurance work, largely in corporate, social housing and the charity sector.

 The size and range of businesses, for our corporate clients it’s anything with a turn ... any companies with a turnover from say 5 million up to about 100 million in a full range of sectors, some retail and technology, a lot of businesses with international interests. Then on the not for profit side, we look after a lot of housing associations, looking after registered providers of social housing with anything from 100 bed spaces up to 25,000 houses for rent in the social housing sector. And then as well as that we look after a number of charities as well.

At one level straightforward, but there’s a lot of detail to be aware of and companies can miss any one of those things, and we’re there to catch them and make sure they’re compliant with everything that needs to be looked at.

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