High net worth families attitudes research

Author: Frank Akers-Douglas, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Family Business, Research
Tags: family office, generations, high net worth
High net worth families have unique needs from financial services. In this TV show Frank Akers-Douglas discusses how Smith & Williamson has tried to understand these needs.

Finding out what high net worth families want

We were interested as part of our family office project which we launched last year, to get some views from high net worth individuals, particularly clients, as to what they wanted most from their advisors, what concerned them most about the issues which they had, and how they felt about the sort of generational handing on of money, attitudes towards children. So we were very much looking for some positive stuff rather than do you want to invest in gold or do you think the market’s going to go up or down, it was really trying to get into the family’s mind as to what they wanted from their advisors.

Inside Finance TV will continue to explore the issues surrounding finances in high net worth families. Look out for more from Frank Akers-Douglas.

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