High net worth families still charitable

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High net worth families in the UK and the US have always given money to charity and this hasn't changed. But there are differences in the kind of involvement families in each country tend to give, as Frank-Akers Douglas discusses in this TV show.

High net worth families charity in UK and USA

There hasn’t been a great deal of change in people’s philanthropic wishes to contribute, although there has been more reticence I think about committing too much money in the difficult economic environment. But certain I feel clear that most families with money do want to have an involvement with giving into the charitable sector, primarily through their own charitable vehicles, so they have got control over it rather than going through external organisations. And there tends to be a pretty good understanding of what they are trying to achieve. I think if you go to the United States it’s a much more complex area and I think families get very much more involved in very specific sort of philanthropic issues, supporting their old university or whatever it may be. I think here in the UK people are much more broadly minded on charitable issues and want to contribute.

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