Importance of preparing for Board meetings

Author: Rob Wirszycz, James Kirk (

Categories: Board Management, Business Strategy, Governance
Tags: board meetings, communication, decision making, preperation
Most good Board meetings, the preparation is done for a couple of days beforehand.  You make calls and you find out, you know, what’s on the agenda, so you should receive the agenda at least two days beforehand, you should be able to have read the pack as soon as you get it and you should get on the phone to ask questions if you don’t understand stuff.  I’ve seen too many people actually read Board packs actually in the meeting and then the meeting becomes a boring sort of thing of people literally reading and catching up.  So that to me is inexcusable. But in terms of new sort o, so the thing is about preparation, you’ve got to be prepped, so you’ve got to know your stuff, you should know your numbers, you should have your questions ready.
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