Informed financial planning advisors under the spotlight

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Informed financial planning advisors pass on their wisdom to clients. If a company fails they will naturally look at back at this advice. In this TV show Doug Hall discuses throwing the spotlight on professional advice.

Informed financial planning advisors

For example auditors, we are dealing with a number of cases, where a company has failed, and if the company had not failed there wouldn’t be an issue. But in the company going into administration for example, major creditors had lost and they may say that they have relied for example on audited accounts to make decisions, to lend money or to support the company and in the cold light of day the company having failed, that’s an example where you may go back and look at what the auditor said in earlier years.  So we have situations arising from insolvent companies where the spotlight is thrown onto a whole range of professional advice that they were given before the company failed. Which never would have come under that spotlight if the company hadn’t gone into administration for example.  It's not an area that we get involved in but valuers have seen a big increase in the number of actions against them very simple because the banks relied on valuations of properties for example, and then when the company has gone into administration and the bank has lost out, they then go back and look again at the professional opinions that they relied upon, in making their original lending decisions.

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