Informed financial planning difficult for inbound business

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Informed financial planning will help businesses avoid mistakes but can be rushed in initial set up. In this TV show Stephen Drew discusses common mistakes that foreign businesses make.

Informed financial planning takes time

The sort of mistakes you see from inbound businesses is often around either misconceptions in terms of what the market opportunity really is, or just trying to do things in the wrong order. So like all investment programmes, whether it’s in your host country or whether it’s in a new market, it’s all about planning, you need to make sure you’ve thought about what the opportunities are, you’ve carried out your market appraisals, you’ve worked out what resources you need, you’ve carried out your readiness assessment. So all the initial phases of any sort of investment decision need to be made, regardless of where you’re going to make that investment. And for me, when people are struggling to get the sort of traction they’re looking for as quickly as they would like, it’s often because they just haven’t properly thought-through and properly planned their approach to the market on arrival.

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