Informed financial planning helps property owners

Author: Chris Springett, James Kirk (

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Informed financial planning can help people maximise residence tax reliefs, as Chris Springett discusses in this TV show.

Informed financial planning is a team effort

As you would expect most of our clients own and have one if not numerous properties.  As such we get involved very regularly in dealing with property issues that can arise for them, tax on property, given the property market, is obviously a key figure for a lot of clients, and property prices rise and so the tax charge on them also arises.  So it’s again making sure that reliefs are available and claimed as appropriate.  I’ve also co-written a book on the main relief that’s available on capital gains tax, this main residence relief. So again I get involved quite a lot, even if the client isn’t directly mine, in assisting other members of the team and making sure the claims are maximised.

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