Informed financial planning: Investment Managers

Author: Michael Pagliari, James Kirk (

Categories: Getting advice, Investment & Risk, Tax Planning
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Informed financial planning comes from awareness of tax requirements and potential pitfalls of any decisions. In this TV show Michael Pagliari explains why investment managers need to be tax savvy.

Informed financial planning

Taxes are a difficult area and we don’t give, as investment managers we don’t give tax advice, however I think it’s really important that investment managers are tax-aware and understand most of the pitfalls. And that means that if you see you know, being able to spot potential issues and making sure that portfolios are properly structured so that you don’t pay any more tax than is necessary and this is not some sophisticated type of tax planning but it means picking the right types of securities, picking the right types of funds. In my sort of experience doing this job I’ve come across so many incidences where basic errors have been made which have been very expensive to clients in terms of inappropriately-structured tax investments. Investment does involve risk. The value of investments can go down as well as up. This video contains information believed to be reliable but no guarantee is given. See Video for full disclaimer. If you are interested in discussions around informed financial planning, keep watching Inside Finance TV for more great free content.  
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