Informed financial planning: Structuring tax efficient investments

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Informed financial planning is essential when it comes to investments. Investment managers should be well informed of tax rules so that no errors are made. Michael Pagliari explains further in this business TV show.

Informed financial planning and investments

There are different categories of planning, so for resident domicile UK clients the principles are pretty well-established, there are certain types of securities that should and can sit perfectly well in portfolios and there are other types of securities that shouldn’t. So, to give an example, there are some tax efficiencies through using fixed income securities which trade at which trade at discounts, there’s advantages in using OECs but there are some other instruments which effectively take a capital gains tax charge and transform it into an income tax charge at, you know, a much higher rate. And then if you move on to the sort of res non-dom world, that’s a very sort of … a much more complicated area with much more potential for error. So for example it’s very important that income and capital are separated, managed in separate buckets; if those are mixed there can be very severe tax consequences. So it’s really basic housekeeping-type issues but extremely important that the investment manager has a good handle on them. Investment does involve risk. The value of investments can go down as well as up. This video contains information believed to be reliable but no guarantee is given. See Video for full disclaimer.

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