Innovative thinking in an experienced team

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Innovative thinking is part of the daily routine in the team a Smith & Williamson, as Mike Fosberry discusses in this TV show.

Innovative thinking and challenging ideas

It's a challenge, we've got quite a young team apart from me. And so coming into the office each day is a bit of a challenge because they're always challenging you with new ideas, etc and asking you for views which I think sets a creative environment. I think the other aspect to it which is I think hugely important from our perspective is that we have a lot of experience. So even though we've got people in their 30s, early 30s, many of them have been here for six, seven, eight years. So they're used to working in a Smith and Williamson sort of way and the way in which we approach dealing with client problems and so it's very collegiate. And I think from the perspective of what makes me get up in the morning, I find it challenging I suppose coming into the office and dealing with what are quite complex client issues.

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