Innovative thinking and objective financial advice

Author: Mike Fosberry, James Kirk (

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Innovative thinking will often come from someone who has a fresh perspective. In this TV show Mike Fosberry discusses his work in family finance.

Innovative thinking from a second pair of eyes

I think it just brings a fresh perspective in terms of another set of eyes on what's going on in the family situation. And coming at it from a totally sort of independent perspective and saying, “These are the things you may want to consider.” Almost on a scale of one to ten, how important are these issues for you? I think we're dependable. We are here to answer the queries when they want to raise them. And we are also innovative when there are new ideas which we think will be appropriate to solving their issues, we will bring them to their attention. And that is keeping on top of what's happening within the legislative framework and trying to identify issues which arise out of that which are going to impact upon them.

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