Legal sector: Establishing evidence using forensics

Author: Doug Hall, James Kirk (

Categories: Fraud & Corruption, Technology
Tags: commercial disputes, computer investigations, disputes, evidence, forensic, forensic accountant, fraud investigations
The legal sector has many processes some of which include collection of forensic evidence. In this video Doug Hall explains how this applies to finance.

Legal sector collects forensic finance evidence

As a term forensic just means to do with evidence and really it’s any part of the legal process where you need accounting services. So the primary areas that we cover is my own practice, which is commercial disputes, fraud investigations and also computer investigations. I get that a lot that it’s about cutting up bodies but that’s forensic pathology. Forensic is really just, as I said, about evidence, it’s how a commercial issue is dealt with through the legal process and forensic is about establishing the evidence in support of or to defend a case, in my arena in disputes.

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