Legal sector has more disputes with less resources

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The legal sector now has less resources to pursue action for business disputes, as Doug Hall discusses in this TV show.

Legal Sector changes

So basically this whole arena that the commercial world changed overnight caused tension and caused a whole range of drivers for more commercial disputes.  However in more difficult times, parties or potential parties to commercial disputes were wary about committing funds to pursuing them.  So that’s the irony, that there were more disputes but less resources to pursue them and what we saw for a number of years is that cases would start and be settled very early, they’d be front end loaded and it required a different sort of input from forensic accountants for example and for the lawyers, that they would do a much more high level exercise to establish damages for example early on and then go for an early settlement.  I had a few years where I went to more mediations than I went to trials and we had to produce a different sort of report for a mediation to what we produce for a trail, a different purpose.  One really gives a less balanced view, a report, a WP report for a mediation, an experts repot for a trial needs to be very balanced and because an expert has a duty to the court. So the symptom we saw was there was definitely an increase in those sort of disputes for those sorts of reasons, but less of them actually went through towards the trial, which is really to do with cash flow and to do with companies under pressure and litigation was not a priority.  And this is the sort of picture that we had from all the lawyers we know, because we spend quite a lot of time talking to litigators, they’re the people we work with.

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