Merger and acquisition advisors

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Merger and acquisition transactions work better if firms seek advice, according to Giles Murphy who discusses the issue in this TV show.

Merger and acquisition transactions

I think with any sort of transaction what you really need is people who can bring to bear their experiences of advising other firms. So as an organisation we advise Russell Jones and Walker on their transaction with Slater and Gordon, so we’ve got experience of mergers taking place where external capital is involved, and we’ve also advised on the largest domestic merger within the UK market in the last five years. In addition to that, we’re engaged on a regular basis to advise people on various aspects of mergers, and it’s this experience I think is particularly valuable when firms are actually seeking external advice on how best to proceed. I think the principle factors affecting mergers and their success is that they are people businesses. So while there are lots of regulations regarding the SRA, the ICAW and other regulatory bodies – there's also tax to take into account – a lot of it comes back to understanding the individuals involved, what their motivation is and how you can engage them in the process to allay their fears and emphasise the benefits.

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