Merger and acquisition: The typical process

Author: Giles Murphy, James Kirk (

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Merger and acquisition can happen across industries and across borders. In this TV show Giles Murphy goes through the typical merger process.

Merger and acquisition in reality

In theory it should be a simple project management exercise. Unfortunately, in our experience, most people prepare very poorly for such an event and in practice spend a lot of time focusing on the merger transaction itself and forget to put effort into the integration process that should happen afterwards. Much would depend upon whether it is a simple domestic merger or whether there’s international firms coming together, but if we take a simple domestic merger, our view is, in terms of the negotiations, really a period of six to eight weeks should be enough for the negotiations to identify whether there are any key deal breakers that one might have to consider. As I say, what often happens is that people focus on that element of negotiation. They then breathe a sigh of relief when the deal actually gets done, and yet what we would say is that’s when the difficult work happens where firms need to prepare much better for the post-deal integration because that ultimately determines how successful the merger will be.

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