Merger and acquisition trends

Author: Giles Murphy, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Business risk, Business Strategy, Mergers
Tags: acquisition, firms, merger
Merger and acquisition can involve any sized firm but, as Giles Murphy discusses in this TV show, is more likely to involve a big and a small party.

Merger and acquisition - The big with the small

I think it’s much harder these days to actually execute a merger where you’ve got two similar sized firms. The reason for that is inevitably there’s a level of compromise that has to be achieved and therefore both firms often feel like they’re giving something away. So what we’re increasingly seeing is mergers taking place where there is a much more dominant party, which essentially acquires the much smaller firm. As a result of that, a lot of the difficult decisions that have to be taken post-merger can be executed in a much simpler way. ________________________________________________ If you found this video about mergers and acquisitions, why not browse more TV shows on Inside Finance TV.  
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