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Personal finance planning is important but very complex. In this video Paul Garwood of Smith & Williamson discusses his work as an advisor in personal finance, and why people need help.

Personal finance planning industry

The pension planning issue, the big issues for us at the moment are the changes in legislation, which are constantly affecting our clients and we have to make sure that we’re on top of them. And we’ve seen changes on a very regular basis over the last four or five years which has made planning more and more difficult. I think it’s very nice that people have got a lot of choices at retirement, but with choices comes complexity. But again, individuals need to have advice. And in some ways I suppose that’s good news for us, that people have got choices because they will need help. They will need us to guide them in the right direction and point out things that they won’t have thought of. I think a lot of the people that I see are, because of the nature of what they do, and the nature of the individuals that they are, they’re very thorough with their affairs. But there are always things that we find and point out to everybody, there’s always something that we can help them with that they haven’t thought of. And I think that that will always continue to be the case. ___________________________________________________________________________- If you enjoyed this video about personal finance planning why not watch more TV shows on Inside Finance.
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