Personal planning and conflict resolution in family business

Author: Charles Gowlland, James Kirk (

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Personal planning to resolve personal issues is the common approach by high net worth families. In this TV show Charles Gowlland discusses the frequency & nature of family conflict.

Matters for personal planning

We asked about conflicts in general and the great majority of our respondents said that they were rare or very rare. When asked how they would deal with them when they did occur, the great majority, over 70% said that they would deal with them internally and we took a great amount of comfort from that in that our families felt strong enough to be able to manage these things internally. But equally we need to recognise that there are serious situations where individuals are dealing with severe family or personal problems that can have an impact on the wider family and in those instances outside help is definitely needed, and it may not necessarily be financial services but other forms of help and support and it’s important to identify these and to recognise, when outside help is required.

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