Personal planning and retirement

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Personal planning will involve paying out to different funds in different times of life, in this video Paul Garwood explains why most people start retirement planning when they are mid-career.

Personal planning factors

A lot of the work that we focus on is retirement planning. So we look at individuals who are just starting out on their career. And we maybe establish a pension plan for them or mid-career and at that point perhaps they have, you tend to find that individuals who are mid-career have more funds because as you go through your working life, you have different commitments. First you’ve got to pay off university fees and you’ve got to pay off your mortgage, then you have school fees to pay. So you tend to find that a lot more planning gets done from mid-career to at retirement. We then deal with or help to look after individuals when they get to retirement, helping them with their choices. How do they divest their or their pension plans? How do they take their retirement income? How do they generate that income that they need to look after them in retirement?

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