Progressive technology enabling human productivity

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Progressive technology has allowed people to stay connected wherever they are. Stuff TV's Lucy Hedges discusses the Tablet.

Progressive technology from Apple

Well lets think about 5 or 6 years ago. Smart phones were good but they weren't incredible, which is what you're seeing now. Tablet was almost a foreign term. We had PDAs, we had Netbooks, so miniature laptops, but we didn't necessarily have this rectangle. This little slate that we can fling in our bags its effortless use, its effortless to carry around. That's what we've got now. We've progressed to a level, mainly bolstered by Apple and the iPad. Its completely carved out an entirely new category that's enabling us to get the most out of consumption on the move, be it retail, multimedia, general information or work based stuff. It's allowing us to, with a simple tap and a swipe, have access to online tools, emails and web-browsing. It's great for productivity. There's so much you can do now, and that's partly or mainly down to all of these new gadgets. _______________________________________________________________________________________Progressive technology and digital connectivity have huge implications for business and Inside Finance TV will continue to follow the effects.
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