Public company first steps

Author: Philip Quigley, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth
Tags: disclosure, public company, Shareholders
A businesses will become a public company to raise finance and grow. In this TV show Philip Quigley explains how.

How to become a public company

Mechanics are, well you have to do an omission document, a prospectus. It’s set down in law or rules, what’s got to be in it. That covers, you’ve got to explain what the business is, who the management are, what the risks are, give a financial history, give various disclosures about directors remuneration, significant contracts, a whole load of legal stuff at the back end of a document which is in very small print. The principle reasons I suppose are to raise finance for further growth, to give some liquidity to the shares which is, I don’t know, some sort of ability for existing shareholders to exit, new shareholders to come in. They’re the principle two reasons.

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