Robert Scoble on digital innovation

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Digital innovation is what Robert Scoble spends his time studying. So much time that he has been called the Roger Federer of the Internet. He discusses his work in this Inside Finance TV show.

The digital innovation game

So if you want to understand what’s going to happen to your business you’d better understand the innovators who are changing your business. Rackspace pays me to go study the future so I visit lots of different companies, mostly start-ups because that’s mostly where the innovation is. For instance the reason I was wearing these ugly airwave goggles is inside here is a little wearable computer and it tells you when you’re skiing it tells you how fast you’re going, it shows you where your kids are on the mountain and where you are on the mountain and all sorts of fun stuff. So I’ve interviewed the start-up that makes the compute package in here, Recon Instruments, and I also interviewed Oakley about these and then I go over and talk to Google about Google Glass and talk to lots of start-ups that you’ve never heard of about what’s coming. That’s different, it’s no longer the kind of software Bill Gates wrote for Windows and this is a new era where we know who you’re with, where you are, what your intent is and what’s on your calendar and what have you bought? They have to be scared they’re going to be put out of business. Paranoid. Andy Grove at Intel said ‘only the paranoid survive’, you’d better be paranoid. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Digital innovation has huge implications for all businesses, keep watching Inside Finance to hear more.
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