Share schemes as a differentiator

Author: Inez Anderson

Categories: Business Strategy, Employees, Features, Share Schemes
Tags: corporate tax, employee rewards, motivation
Inez Anderson: "Do they need to be on top of it?  And I’d say the answer is yes.  I think the current marketplace we’re in is an ideal time to be looking at using shares as reward.  A lot of companies have seen their share price go down, so it could be that hopefully businesses are going to grow again, they’ll see their shares prices increasing. And their employees will get more advantage if the awards are made when the prices are lower.  So I think it is important to stay on top of it because employees, I think, are beginning to demand it.  I think in some of the high tech businesses and fast moving businesses, employees want it, it’s almost like part of it’s an accepted part of their reward package.  We will join this new business but we want to share going forward. And then I think you’ve got the more established businesses where it is very much seen as being part of the ongoing reward arrangements.  So they have to stay on top of it there as well.  So I think all businesses should make themselves aware, should think how can they build it into their reward package, is good for recruiting, it’s good for motivating, and it’s good for retaining.  People feel part of the business and can see they work hard, the business is growing, the value of the business is growing, they are part of it."
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