Social media marketing tools – think behaviours, not marketing channels

Author: Graeme Codrington

Categories: Marketing Strategy
Tags: Facebok, Social Media

Graeme Codrington, Futurist, TomorrowToday on social media marketing tools.

According to Graeme Codrington, the popularity of social media marketing tools are best understood as customer behaviors rather than new marketing channels. Yet businesses, focussed on their traditional internal processes and org charts want to treat social media marketing tools as channels. Facebook is not even a channel, it’s actually a behaviour. And companies don’t understand this. Yet companies are trying to treat Facebook like a channel, they’re trying to work out how do you do marketing? How do you do recruitment through this social media space? I mean I say Facebook, but Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the others are going to be in the same category. They are behaviours that have simply found technologies to make them happen. And that means that companies really need to adjust their attitudes. This is what we call "beyond the hype". You know, we need to go beyond the hype of the 13 million so-called social media experts listed on Google, who will come in and tell you how you can increase sales and how you can increase staff retention. Maybe you can do those things. But on a long-term basis something else is going on in social media. It’s about building communities. It’s about engaging, interacting, involving people in conversations. It’s about connection. And these are not things that you then use in your marketing team or your HR strategy. These are ways of living, ways of engaging, and that’s the mind set shift, that needs to take place. These are not technologies, these are behaviours and we need to adjust our behaviour and attitude to match the technologies that are available. For more on social media marketing tools and how they impact on business check out all Graeme Codrington's videos here
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