Social media policy: Employees to executives

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Social media policy should extend outside the marketing department, as Bob Barker explains in this TV show.

Social media policy - Companies need to leverage their employees.

So companies are just waking up to the fact that they need to leverage their employees.

There’s a terminology that says marketing is far too important to be left to the marketing department, and that is the terminology that’s becoming true now with social media.

So if you just do push only marketing you’re not you know, you’re back to your 2% response or less, or if you’ve just got that mind-set that is, it works but it’s not terribly efficient and people don’t trust that marketing anymore.

So what companies are beginning to realise is that the that sales people and individuals in the company represent a really good way of getting their content out there, the important content that people need to engage with, particularly in the business to business area.

And so people are beginning to realise that if their sales people and their key executives aren’t good online they need to do something about that because if they haven’t got.  For example, if they’ve got ten people on LinkedIn and they’ve got no picture of them.

They  may be brilliant, but anyone of a younger generation is gonna look them up and think well, I don’t want anything to do with them. They obviously don’t understand this new world.

So there’s the companies beginning to realise that. LinkedIn has gained huge momentum the last few years as a defacto platform for people connecting in business.

So companies are beginning to realise the power of LinkedIn, companies are beginning to realise the power of content and getting people to share that content through social channels.

And it’s very important that individuals are used to share that content. It’s much more easy these days.

You’ve got these share buttons on the bottom of all the content. But even people knowing that they can just click on that content and it will share it, people generally don’t know that.

So there is a big opportunity to educate people who haven’t had that education because nobody told you how to use a PC, nobody told you how to use social media to get that education and help the firm do its marketing.


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