Social media should be ignored

Author: Anthony Hilton, James Kirk (

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Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor, The London Evening Standard, on why social media should be ignored

There are times when you do have to react quickly clearly.  Social media’s a difficult one.

I mean 99% of stuff on Twitter you could … has been dismissed as complete garbage.  And so the entire range of vaguely interesting through to useful is sandwiched in that one percent at the top

Companies are mentioned, you know, companies used to be discussed in pubs all the time, and they didn’t know about it so they took no notice.

And most of the stuff on social media, I mean a million people will read it and a million people will forget it thereafter.  So there’s a tiny amount of stuff, a tiny, tiny amount that actually will go viral and could damage a company.  Now, how you spot that and know how to react to it, I’m afraid I don’t have the answer

But I think most of it could be ignored.  And I despair of companies that spend their time endlessly monitoring social media in case something pops up.  They ought to have something better to do with their lives, you know, get a life.

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