Ensuring boards make good strategy development decisions

Author: Rob Wirszycz, James Kirk (

Categories: Board Management, Business Strategy, Governance
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Business strategy development is the job of the board. In this TV show Rob Wirszycz discusses how they can get these decisions right.

Deciding on strategy development

Boards, I believe, are where decisions are made.  And, you know, while you want the Chief Executive and their team to make other decisions, you know, ask forgiveness rather than permission sometimes, but the decisions are in my view, what I call an irrevocable allocation of resources. So, if we make a decision at a Board, we don’t go back and relitigate, unless the facts materially change.  I mean I think there’s a quote from John Maynard-Kings, who sort of said, you know, “when the facts change I change my opinion” and that’s the truth, you know, you shouldn’t hold on to something when the facts are materially different.  But the Board makes those irrevocable decisions, they write them down, everybody has to agree, so you can’t come out of a Board meeting saying “Well, I know they said that then but I’m doing this”.  Decisions are really important in Boards, and that’s the role of the Non-Executives, be they Directors or Chairmen, is to ensure that the decision is taken in a proper context and it’s not because “We would think that way because we’re all in our 40s and 50s and male”.

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