Tax law changes and a volatile investment market

Author: Mike Fosberry, James Kirk (

Categories: Getting advice, Tax Planning
Tags: coalition, government, Inland Revenue
Tax law and the market it applies to is changing so much that it can be easy make a regrettable mistake unless you have a good advisor. In TV show Mike Fosberry discusses dealing with recent changes.

Tax law since the coalition

Essentially there are two big factors. Firstly, the taxation scene there's been a huge number of changes, particularly since the coalition government came to power. And we've seen raft upon raft of tax legislation. We've seen a far more aggressive stance taken by the Inland Revenue and by government in relation to what they perceive is tax avoidance. Tax avoidance at the end of the day is not illegal, tax evasion is. But they've almost been classified in the same way. So, I mean, taxation first of all is a big issue for high net worth families and it's a constantly evolving scene. I think the other aspect to it is that investment markets having been so, how can I put it, irrational, it's been quite a difficult period for anyone managing money and unless you're a professional I think you can really take some very wrong turns. _______________________________________________________________________________ Tax law is just one issue discussed on Inside Finance TV. There are videos clips fr0m dozens of interviewees across varying industries.  
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