Tax law, HMRC, and questionable claims

Author: Chris Springett, James Kirk (

Categories: Fraud & Corruption, Personal Finance, Tax Planning
Tags: HMRC, recoveries, tax claims
Tax law is being enforced by the HMRC, as Chris Springett discusses in this TV Show.

Tax law and HMRC targets

This relief came in, with capital gains tax, so right back in 1965. Case law has developed it over time, big changes in the 80s on what constitutes the residency, including other buildings, you know, garages, annexes, granny flats, those kind of things. But since then it’s been pretty consistent as to how it’s applied and when it’s applied. That being said the recent cases have really shown the HMRC pursuing those who they think are making a claim that’s perhaps not available or overreaching what is available under the claim. I think that fits in a lot with the HMRC seeing themselves really as enforcing the tax code, collecting taxes, the amount of tax at stake, it can be great in some of these cases. So you can really see why they’re pushing to make these recoveries. _________________________________________________________ If you found this video about tax law interesting why not watch more interviews and briefings on Inside Finance TV?
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