Technology infrastructure is worth the investment

Author: Nigel Huddleston, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Strategy, Digital Economy, Technology
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Technology infrastructure is something all businesses should consider updating. In this TV show Nigel Huddleston explains that investment into digital technology isn't that expensive.

Technology infrastructure to fit a digital world

One of the key things is, is experiment. That’s one of the messages that I have to many players in the sector at the moment. It doesn’t cost a fortune to experiment with a YouTube channel or a Google Plus or indeed any social platform. It doesn’t cost a fortune to try out maybe new mobile devices, what the look and feel of your mobile site is, and invest in mobile optimised sites. These things are not massive in terms of the expenditure compared to say refurbishing a hotel. Yet there has historically been a reluctance on the side of many to invest in it. I would say given today’s consumer is incredibly connected, it’s really important to be very technologically aware and make sure that what the users are doing in terms of their behaviour is at the absolute heart of your strategy and your IT investment decisions. And if it’s not you’re probably going to fall behind.

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