Technology infrastructure needs government investment

Author: Sir David Michels, James Kirk (

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The hospitality industry would benefit from investment in technology and infrastructure. In this TV show Sir David Michels explains that government successfully invests in failed industries.

Technology, infrastructure and investment

I don’t think the hospitality industry generally needs any subsidisation. It will always ask to pay less tax, to be more equal to our European partners, but I don’t think that’s the main thing that the hospitality industry would ask for. It would ask for investment in infrastructure, investment in technology where it is appropriate, investment in an industry where they have never invested before. Government has been wonderful at investing in failed industries; Coal, steel, I won’t give the whole list. But it always seems to put its money on industries that are no longer relevant. Maybe not always but very often. What it doesn’t do is find industries that are growing and invest in them because from their view they don’t need help. History tells us that if you invest more in the successful, and less in the unsuccessful, you’ll get a higher return. Now it’s our fault if we haven’t been able to convey that message, but it’s one message we are desperately trying to convey.

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