The Blue Book: your net worth in one place

Author: Frank Akers-Douglas

Categories: Family Business, Family companies
Tags: Blue Book, customer service, visionary, wealth
Frank Akers-Douglas: "The Blue Book is called the Blue Book because it originally had a blue cover, it doesn’t anymore.  But it is essentially a financial summary of your and your family’s net worth brought together in a single document which enables therefore a comprehensive view to be taken of your financial worth and that of your family and family trusts that may be there.  And it’s a document that for many people, bring together for the first time ever that comprehensive overview of their affairs.  I mean a lot of people, particularly substantially wealthy people know they’re pretty rich but they don’t know, they’ve never really seen it all in a single document.  And the Blue Book brings that together.  It’s also interactive, so we can play with it to see, you know, if you decide you want to give money away, what effect that would have.  And it is a very useful financial tool.  Essentially I think it’s a sense of relief, that they are able to see their financial position and make educated and proper decisions on what to do with those assets through being able to see it all together in a single document.  And it’s also useful for them to, you know, to have for their other advisers as well, in looking at their affairs.  So as I said, I think on the whole it’s relief and gratitude I hope."
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