Business assets must be allocated carefully

Author: Michael Pagliari, James Kirk (

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Business assets that are allocated correctly can potentially contribute 90% return to a portfolio, as Michael Pagliari discusses in this TV show.

Spending time allocating business assets

One of my pet hates is seeing, you know, proposals sent out to clients that are very deterministic in nature, in other words coming up with a particular solution to a client’s investment problems. I think, you know, it’s much more complex than that and really the whole question about risk and asset allocation is absolutely key, and I think there have been plenty of studies which have been done which show that asset allocation, good asset allocation, contributes about 90% of the total return to a portfolio.  So it’s really, really important that a lot of time is spent at the beginning and during the course of a relationship focusing on getting that asset allocation as good as you possibly can.

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