Engage your staff by growing your benefits structure

Author: Peter Maher

Categories: Business risk, Employees, Features, Share Schemes
Tags: benefits, communication, culture, recruitment, staff retention
Peter Maher: "There’s the negative impact of getting it wrong.  You don’t attract and you don’t retain the staff you want.  And the positive impact is you do attract and you do retain.  But there are efficiencies of scale, if you have the technology piece in place, which relatively speaking is inexpensive these days, historically it was expensive, but if you have that in place and you’re able to overlay your benefits and grow your benefit structure as your business grows then it’s an all embracing offering.  You would hope that, and in some of our better established clients, they have their staff online looking at their benefit structure, moving benefits around on a daily basis.  So it will engage staff undoubtedly if it’s communicated properly.  There’s no point in just having an employer spend the money and saying, “Well look, I’ve spent 15% of payroll and provided these benefits”, if it’s not communicated properly, nobody’s going to get it."
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