Translating reality into tax benefit

Author: Laurence Bard

Categories: Business Strategy, Funding, Research, Value Creation
Tags: R&D, tax relief
Laurence Bard: "The definition of R&D and some of the costs there are necessarily grey areas in the tax legislation.  What we will do with clients is actually understand their business, understand what they will do and explain how that might interpret into a claim.  And therefore by understanding your business, your activities, what your people do, we can translate that into a claim or what is a reasonable claim based on a number of uncertainties.  So we help people interpret what is otherwise quite difficult to interpret.  A lot of people start off thinking I don’t do R&D at all.  You talk to them, they discover, yes they do, but how much.  You talk to them further and you develop an agreed idea of what it is reasonable to say is R&D.  And that’s our prime function.  A lot of people don’t know too much about it.  They might know about it in principle.  But our prime function is to translate somebody’s business into claims that can help them."
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