Uber Disruption

Author: Robert Scoble, James Kirk (

Categories: Digital Economy, disruption, Innovation
Tags: Apple, apps, data, disruption, taxi, Uber
New technologically innovative transport company Uber have turned the taxi industry upside down. Tech expert Robert Scoble explains what happened.

Uber disrupt an industry

They have to be scared that they are going to be put out of business. You better be paranoid. Things like Uber came out four years ago and now it's everywhere. You need to understand the innovators that are changing your business. Uber knows where you are standing, that's why it serves you better than a taxi company, they have your credit card details and we can talk to each other. He doesn't have my real phone number but he can message and call me through and app. Our briefing Uber Disruption – The reality of innovative technology   has more information on Uber and more expert discussion on industry disruption.
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