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UK economic growth is not returning as quickly as growth in emerging markets like Asia, as Roger Bootle discusses in this TV show

UK Economic growth- The serious legacy of the financial crash

Well, the essential problem since the financial crash of 2008, is that the countries of the developed West haven’t really recovered from it.

It’s a different story in the emerging market world, particularly Asia, those countries have just soared ahead, dramatic rises in output since the financial crash of 2008.

In many countries in the west we still haven’t got back to the level we were at in 2008.  Now, that’s true of Britain for instance, output here is around about four percent lower than it was at the beginning of 2008.

I think the worrying thing at the moment is the weakness of the financial system and its dependence on growth, without there being much sign of decent growth on the horizon.

As and when growth appears then the very serious financial problems that do exist in the world, we can overcome them.  But if we don’t get a return to decent rates of economic growth then we’ll be in serious trouble.


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