What is due diligence in finance?

Author: Philip Quigley, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Business risk, Financial Reporting
Tags: buying a business, financial dynamics
What is due diligence? Smith & Williamson's Philip Quigley explains what he does when working with people who are buy a business.

What is due diligence?

A financial due diligence process is a pretty, it’s an in depth review. And it’s not just financial, it moves towards commercial. It’s not really about does x agree to y. It’s about do I understand the business I’m buying? Do I understand the financial dynamics? Is it different from my business? Why is it different from my business? Can I get to the stage that they’ve got to? And you really need, if you’re doing a transaction, you’ve got so many things to think about, the financial due diligence, the legal due diligence, the HR due diligence and you’ve got to deal with your nomad. So you’re going to have to outsource the financial due diligence. This is what we do. ________________________________________________________ What is due diligence? is just one of many question Inside Finance TV has posed to its many knowledgeable interviewees.
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