Why bother improving UK governance practices?

Author: Seamus Gillen, James Kirk (

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if you’re better governed you become more efficient. Secondly, that once you’re better governed and you’ve got all of those systems into place, that you are enjoying stronger stakeholder support for what you’re seeking to achieve, and that’s very important. But that said, we are acknowledged globally as one of the leaders, one of the proponents of good practice, governance. And that’s good feedback for us because we want to know that we are getting somewhere. However we still continue to encounter organisational collapse. We still continue to encounter cases of value destruction. And that tells us that we can’t be complacent about the systems we are putting into place. But certainly as far as the financial sector is concerned, despite the fact that we’ve had a double recession and people even talking about a third recession after that, most of our corporate world have survived intact and continues to perform well. And we will put that down to the fact that our companies are well run and well governed.
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