Traditionally business has focused on its own internal capabilities and value chain and taken that out into the market. But today there are so many capabilities outside in the marketplace, (like cloud services) so you need to look first to the outside world to find networks, resources and collaboration opportunities. This is a big shift. Outside In is about looking around at the innovative technology emerging and working out how to respond or incorporate it into your business. In this briefing four experts discuss the Outside In phenomenon.




Expert insight into Outside In

Shifting business paradigms. David Moschella, Research Director, LEF explains Outside In is a new business paradigm for firms and IT. Traditionally firms were very focused on their own internal resources, internal capabilities and skills and had their own internal value chain of how they did things. But today there are so many capabilities outside in the marketplace, cloud services, the knowledge of employees, partners, the emerging eco systems, that firms need to in many cases look first to the outside world to find resources, capabilities, transient issues, and secondary to their own organisations. This is a big shift.

Digital revolution. J Brian F Jones, CIO, Smiths, says that CIO must take Outside In seriously or give up. The world is moving so quickly that businesses need to be able to interpret what is going on outside and decide whether it is useful or not. New technology affects customers, clients and staff. People have widely adopted it in their day to day lives.

Disruption from outside. Keith Coats, Director of Storytelling, TomorrowToday, says that disruption in business will come from outside your business. Companies cannot just benchmark themselves against industry competitors because new technology may allow other industries to compete in their arena. Search engines are competitors of Yellow pages, banking has been disrupted by mobile technology. To be able to see the disruption coming organisations must ask the right questions. Or better yet. Be the disruption themselves.

Breakthroughs on the horizon. Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for Digital Business, warns technology managers that they must keep in mind how quickly technology is advancing. There has been a lot of innovation in enterprise technology in the past 10 years including, big data, the cloud and mobile. We will soon see further innovations from artificial intelligence and programmes which can think like humans. Enterprises must scan the landscape and decide which breakthroughs are relevant and then bring them in smoothly.