Inside Finance TV: innovate, differentiate, lead and grow

The dizzying rate of change in how we do business presents opportunities for the prepared. In response, yourBusinessChannel has launched the Inside Finance channel where leaders and specialists from the financial services, legal and business sectors, as well as entrepreneurs and academics, share insight into how to innovate, differentiate, lead and stimulate business growth in a fast-changing age.

As a business grows, it is essential that it both sidesteps the avoidable pitfalls and takes advantage of the incentives and supports available to it. It also must keep an eye on the emerging trends that may have a serious impact (positively or negatively) on the way it does business. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for anyone in business (from startups and entrepreneurs to long established businesses) to keep abreast of these immediate and incoming forces in order to grow. The Inside Finance channel provides useful insights into trends, key areas of focus, and upcoming changes to how the world does business.

To bring you this repository of actionable content, has partnered with leaders and specialists in financial services, the law and industry. Their thoughts are timely, thought-provoking and occasionally provocative, but all are essential in building a business in a time when, as Grame Codrington of TomorrowToday believes, ‘the old rules are no longer applicable’.

Our key partner in bringing this channel to life is Smith & Williamson, an award-winning provider of financial advisory services to individuals, corporates, professional practices and non-profit organisations for over 100 years.  This channel will share their focus on wealth creation, wealth management and wealth preservation through the understanding of current practice and legislation and a readiness for what the future developments will bring.  But of course, nothing replaces seeking individual, up-to-the-minute advice.

As a generation who have never known a time before the internet enters the workforce, they bring with them a new and changing set of practices, expectations and abilities that are tearing up the rulebook. In many areas, the speed at which business is done and the ways in which businesses can launch, grow, expand and succeed, has fundamentally changed.  The Inside Finance channel is essential viewing for anyone who needs to understand what current practice and future trends mean for leadership and success in business.