From the top – Ensuring board effectiveness as a director

A boardroom is where the game changing business decisions are made. For the best board effectiveness directors need to be engaged with the company’s activities at all times. They also need to connect with the employees so that expectations are kept in line. Board effectiveness is increased when members know what they want to get out of meetings beforehand. Directors may be at the top of the pyramid but they still have to answer for their actions. Shareholders keep a close eye on their stake, and bodies like the European works council are available to oversee processes. More and more companies are looking to get input and ideas from staff lower down the business. The image of the old rigid thinking boardroom is slowly changing. In this briefing experienced board members share their thoughts on being an effective director. 


Corporate governance issues – Managing expectationsRob Wirszycz

Dynamic boards include Generation YPeter Klauber

Ensuring boards make good strategy development decisionsRob Wirszycz

New board directors should stay silentAnthony Hilton

Directors can improve board performanceSeamus Gillen

Importance of preparing for Board meetingsRob Wirszycz


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Rob Wirszycz

Chairman, Director, Advisor & Mentor
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Peter Klauber

Professional Non-Executive Director
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Anthony Hilton

Financial Editor, The London Evening Standard
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Seamus Gillen

FCIS, Policy Director, ICSA

The board makes those irrevocable decisions. They write them down
Rob Wirszycz