Uber Disruption – The reality of innovative technology

Uber is a new kind of taxi service that uses smartphone app technology to connect with customers. It is disrupting the taxi industry across the world. Even though the company was only founded in 2009 it is already valued at US18.2 billion. This is just one example of how innovative technology is forcing entire industries to rethink how they go about their business. If companies don’t adapt they risk losing their customers all together. Tech savvy start-ups know their advantage and are establishing themselves quickly. The way that companies can gain a competitive advantage is changing as innovative technology replicates valuable skills. With so much going on it can be hard to know which innovations will stay the course and which technology could really take an established business forward. One thing’s for sure, businesses need to watch what innovative technology is emerging and be ready for change. In this briefing four experts give their insight on disruption, including number one tech evangelist Robert Scoble who explains exactly why you need to be paranoid.

Uber DisruptionRobert Scoble

Thinking computers making humans redundantGraeme Codrington

Business strategy models – Leadership in a future full of curveballsKeith Coats

Placing winning bets on disruptionDean van Leeuwen


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Robert Scoble

Tech Journalist
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Graeme Codrington

Futurist, TomorrowToday
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Keith Coats

Director of Storytelling, Tomorrow Today
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Dean van Leeuwen

Chief Intellectual Adventurer, TomorrowToday

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Robert Scoble