Convincing investors to go with you

Author: David Spencer-Percival, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Cash flow, Funding, Top entrepreneurs, Value Creation
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Financial objectives need to be met for success as an entrepreneur. Those with a good idea will still need to prove it works in order to secure further funding, as David Spencer-Percival explains in this video.

Financial Objectives: Funding

You need to have a track record of what you have been doing, I think to get investment. I think it is awfully hard to get investment for something that is a completely new idea. The thing about investment is getting the money is only half the trick. The other bit is actually using that money to create value. So I think you can go and get investment for something, but you have to deliver on it. It's two halves to one piece, so there's no magic trick, but if you are good at something I am sure you can convince somebody to give you money to do it again. It's just what you do with that money.

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