Merger and acquisition deals: Advice for entrepreneurs

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When embarking on merger and acquisition deals, it is worth seeking the best advice you can. In this TV show John Paleomylites discusses lessons won from selling to the market leader, twice.

Negotiating merger and acquisition deals

The most important lesson I think that the entrepreneur really needs to learn and understand is to negotiate the best deal that you can possibly get. There is always the temptation to accept what you are offered and to accept terms that you are offered. BeatThatQuote management together with our lawyers, really negotiated the best deal that we could possibly get. But you need to look at what you have, the value of what you have to the acquirer. Not necessarily the value of what you have to you. Look to see what else is in the market and what else that they could acquire if they wanted to, or what it would cost them to develop what we have developed, both in terms of direct costs as well as opportunity cost, and the time that it would take to get them there. When you factor all of those things in, you kind of get somewhere to a price that makes sense, and to terms that would make sense. As I say, getting an experienced M&A firm with a great lawyer to represent you is extraordinarily useful. I think one key lesson is not to loo to skimp on the advisors. If you get bad advisors, you will get bad advice. You get good advisors you get good advice. I think getting the right legal advice is essential to maximising the value of you business.

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